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"Olesya", turn on the light!

"Olesya", turn on the light!

"Olesya", turn on the light! 

52 million smart speakers with a virtual assistant were bought by residents of China back in 2019. It's a 41% of alloverworld deliveries. It is very difficult (read: impossible) to break such a record. 

Smart assistants are being introduced into our routine imperceptibly and gradually. 

Usually a smart assistant "comes" into the house as a gift. In the beginning, it is used as a speaker to listen to music. But they gradually understand how quickly and easily it is possible to find out the answers to simple questions: "Who is the author of the music?", "What time is it?", "What is the weather?", "Turn on the kettle!" 

After a few months, the habit of "googling" disappears and instead of it, a love for personal voice assistants is born. 

Did you have a love (or affection) for voice assistants? Do you use them or do you think that this is the machinations of "Big Brother?" Personally, we are entirely for them.